Most profitable Medicinal Plants farming in India | Medicinal Plants Cultivation Business

The organic farming practice of medicinal herbs is increasing rapidly all across the globe. The herbs have a good export potential also. Growing, processing, and selling medicinal herbs is a better opportunity for the farmers. Medicinal herbs growing is also considered as commercial cash crop cultivation.

Any individual having vacant land and an irrigation source can start growing medicinal herbs commercially.

In this video, we intend to explore some of the basic considerations in medicinal herbs farming and a list of the 20 most profitable medicinal herbs to grow with low investment.

Video by: Shubhashree BT
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0:00 Introduction
0:43 Aloe vera
0:57 Amla
1:12 Ashwagandha
1:26 Basil
1:46 Brahmi
2:05 Calendula
2:23 Daru Haridra
2:39 Guggal
2:55 Jathamansi
3:08 Jatropha
3:24 Kesar
3:38 Lavender
3:50 Lemongrass
4:06 Parsley
4:17 Patchouli
4:33 Safed Musli
4:46 Sarpagandha
5:02 Stevia
5:14 Vanilla
5:30 Yashtimadhu
5:44 Bottomline


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Most profitable Medicinal Plants farming in India | Medicinal Plants Cultivation Business

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