FRENCH BUILDINGS AROUND TOWN Part 1 // Learning French for beginners (kids and teens)

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Learning French for beginners (kids and teens)! Today we discover buildings around town 🇫🇷

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This a fun series of French language lessons for beginners and kids! Learn French online for beginners and kids with great pronunciation, progressive vocabulary and strong grammar, while discovering the culture of France. Fun French for kids and beginners! With lots of humour, this is the funnest form of French language lessons! In this video on French buildings around town, we study:

Phrases of the Day:
Où est …? = Where is …?

Ooh là là vocab:
L’école = The school
L’église = The church
La gare = The station
La poste = The post office
Le musée = The museum

Fun French Fact – Le Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, with 9.6million annual visitors! No wonder, since it contains so much incredible art, including the Mona Lisa.

Song of the Day: Indila – Parle à ta tête

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